How to find time for your tasks with Time Blocking.

Time Blocking can help you to find time (Base image by Paulo Felipe Assis Silva)

You know that you have lots of things to do.

You know that you have many pending tasks.

You have even writen them down on a list to remember all of them.

But you don’t find time to do them.

You see that other people find time for everything, but you don’t.

How do you feel when you see that other people has their tasks completed?

Maybe you wonder where do they find time.

Do you think they have more time each day than you?

OK, it’s quite usual.

Many people think that way too, but that’s wrong.

When you make a check and see that another week has ended and you keep so many pending tasks while other people has most of their ones completed, it’s usual that you think that they have less tasks or more free time, or even more time in general.

But the key is to realize that they advance crossing tasks off their lists and starting to complete new ones while you don’t.

Do they have longer days for their tasks?

No, they don’t.

One day has 24 hours for everybody.

One day has 24 hours for you and for them.

Do they sleep?

Yes, they do, and you must sleep enough too.

Don’t think about a lack of sleep as a solution. It isn’t.

They manage their time better than you until now.

Yes, with days of 24 hours just like yours, they achieve a lot of things done because they manage their time better than you.

But that has been so UNTIL NOW IF YOU WANT.


Can you imagine getting your tasks done time after time?

Yes, it’s possible to improve your completed tasks list.

You need to learn how to manage your time better.

That’s the point!

You are not having longer days than 24 hours.

No one will.

So, what you need is to MANAGE those daily (and weekly, and monthly…) hours in a BETTER way FOR YOU.


Maybe Time Blocking will help you.

What’s Time Blocking?

Time Blocking is a time management system that uses blocks of time in your calendar or schedule as the main tool.

A block of time or «time block» is an amount of time that you define.

The definition and the use of those time blocks are the base of this system to help you to manage your time better.

Beyond To-Do lists.

Be honest to yourself.

Haven’t you done lots of lists that never get shorter (they grow every day more than yesterday)?

Writing lists down is not wrong, but it is not enoguh to manage your time.

Time Blocking is a tool to manage your time.

Learning and doing?

Of course, you have to know that Time Blocking is not magic.

Time Blocking is a tool.

A tool is only useful if you uses it, and only if you use it right.

And, for all of that, you need to know how to use it and what it is for.

So, your success in time management if you choose Time Blokcing is a combination of learning and doing.

But first, how to learn.

The easiest way is a quick and cheap book called «The Quick Book of Time Blocking» that you can buy now on Amazon and improve your life today.

This book is not a template to fill just like a machine.

Time Blocking is not very difficult, but the way of getting the best of it can be different for you than your neighbour.

You need to understand the bases of the system to develop your best version.

That’s why the book includes quick explanations of some practical knowlenge tips not only about Time Blocking but time management in general.

Don’t let a time management system stress you out!

I have written this book to help you to improve your life with Time Blocking as a time management system.

I repeat: to help you.

There are people that try some very complex time management systems and their level of stress gets higher than before.

That has no sense.

Your stress now is probably caused by your sensation that you don’t have enough time for the huge list of tasks to do.

Time Blocking has to be understood as a friend that will helpo you getting more things done, and so getting your stress level lower.

Your goal is not to comply with a system. Your goal is to get a better managemet of yout time to get more things done than now.

The time management system is a tool, not the goal.

The way of learning Time Blocking must be friendly.

This is not an exam.

This book is a friend for you.

You’ll need practice to be excellent.

Why a «Quick Book» and not a «Big Book» in this case?

If you read the book subtitle is «Improve your life and productivity today…»

Time Blocking doesn’t work alone, and it usually needs practice and repetition to work better each time.

It’s not a matter of studying for weeks before using it: you can use it since TODAY.

«The Quick Book of Time Blocking» gives you a balance between all the necessary theory to use Time Blocking right (better than most people does), but quick enough in order to get to the work soon, today.

If you try to use Time Blocking without enough knowledge it can be too difficult to get results for you.

But, on the other hand, you can read thousands of pages about Time Blocking, but they won’t give you the results, you need to do, you need to work, you need to iterate and do better each time.

So, you need a balance between knowledge and action. Action without enogh knowledge doesn’t work but knowledge without action doesn’t work either.

Get into the class of people that manage their time and improve your life.

Time is Time, and time management is about Time.

That means you can manage your work time, your personal life time, your family time…

There are people that seems to have time for everything… but only in their jobs, and their personal life is not at the same level.

But people that understand that time management can help them with their time (in general) improve their lives because time management is quite useful for many things.

I hope this book will help you to get better in your life, not only in your job. It would be great!!!

So, you can start now!

You can get into Amazon and get the book in electronic format so you get it right now (you don’t need even time to go to a shop or waiting time for delivery) in your Kindle, your tablet, your laptop, your smartphone…

Click on the link or the image and start!


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